'Be radiant' classes:

Dr. Dimpi is excited to host a series of classes that are coined 'Be Radiant' classes. These classes are designed to help you:

Feel. empowered     Think. critically     Live. intelligently

Following a unique one hour format the class content will vary depending on which 'Be Radiant' class you take in the series. The unique class format allows for didactic class structure to be complemented with intelligent group discussions around hot health topics:

New Classes



Past Classes

So many Women, Hormone imbalance, why?

Ladies, let's talk about why your hormones constantly need rebalancing

Your kitchen = Your medicine

Learn Dr. Dimpi's favorite foods, spices or pantry items that can be used as medicine

Food Labeling basics

Learn the REAL differences between USDA organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, free range etc. labeling

Weight management Part 1

Why weight loss isn't as simple as calories in & calories out for most women

Weight Management Part 2

Breaking the weight loss and weight gain vicious cycle


Let's talk about how your hormones affect your period, fertility & menopause

Stress Management

Explore mind relaxation techniques & an introduction to music therapy

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What to expect / The details:

What you walk away with every class: Feeling empowered, Handouts & 3 health tips from Dr. Dimpi you can implement tomorrow

Class size: There must be 5 participants for the class to run & 8 participant maximum per class

Class length: 60 minutes

Class location: Troy Naturopathic / 1147 E. Long Lake Rd. Ste #2 / Troy, MI 48085

Cost: FREE

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