The Instant Happy Journal Review

It has been a long time since I've blogged but I really feel inclined to share my thoughts on this treasure I came across yesterday. I was strolling through HomeGoods (one my favorite stores to feel design inspired) and I came across the 'Instant Happy Journal' by Karen Salmansohn. I opened it in hopes of reading a few inspirational quotes to carry me through my day. However, I kept turning the pages because almost every page left me wanting to read more. The beauty of this book is that it is designed to be a daily gratitude journal with quotes and motivational words to gently prod the reader toward higher thinking. Therefore, it is already set-up to inspire you to think about the words on each page but also to capture your present thinking. I love how the book combines these two elements! In order to make any sort of change, positive thinking is necessary but it must be followed by action in order for change to occur. This is a fundamental concept of cognitive/dialectal behavior therapy. And this books combines the thinking/reading with the doing which I absolutely love. 

I plan on gifting this book to my dear mom. So maybe in the lieu of the holiday season if you are looking for a thoughtful inexpensive gift, you may consider the 'Instant Happy Journal.'