My recent acupuncture experience


So I have a confession. As much as I loved offering acupuncture to my patients when I was an intern, I loathed having it done on myself. Almost every encounter involved me cringing as the needles were inserted. My skin tends to be very sensitive and as much as acupuncture has benefited my health in the past, I steered clear of it. 

I put my experiences behind me & visited a local acupuncturist for three reasons: (1) The referral was a from a trusted colleague (2) I wanted to first hand experience the treatment style of the acupuncturist before referring patients (3) I wanted to give acupuncture another try for myself. 

And guess what? It was one of the best acupuncture experiences I have had to date! Rochester Acupuncture is an acupuncture clinic located in Rochester Hills. It is a bit of a hike for someone who lives near Somerset in Troy but for my patients close to the area, it is perfect! The ambiance is serene and inviting, the rooms are clean and the prices are reasonable! Ferran & his wife Brooke have had many years of clinical experience and it is reflected in their technique.

Yet, a part of me still wishes I could offer acupuncture in my current patient visits as I did during my internship years. It was one of my favorite therapeutic tools. With licensing still in the works, I will have to wait patiently until Naturopathic Medicine becomes licensed in Michigan (click here to support licensure efforts by adding your email to our list). Until then & even after licensure, I've made lovely new friends & have another great acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine referral for my patients that is 100% Dr. Dimpi approved!

What has your experience with Acupuncture been?