Why Both Sorrow & Happiness are Necessary

I was recently reflecting and came to the conclusion that without the great high and low points in our lives we would probably wouldn't have the excuse to bond with our family & friends.  And it is those moments in retrospect that we often relish as the most poignant - the most impactful.

We all look forward to 'happy' events & milestones - graduations, achievements, weddings, baby showers, housewarmings. However, we also, mixed in have our share of 'sad' life events as well. Both of these moments share the coming together of people. We try to put our differences aside and simply 'be' in each other's presence. 

The point being that it isn't the just the in the happy moments that we come together and enjoy being around each other but it is in those moments of sorrow that sometimes we come even closer to one another. I was sitting at my breakfast table a few weeks back with my mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We were having a home cooked meal in the middle of a work week & in the middle of the day. We laughed, shared stories and came closer to one another. I couldn't believe these women were here for me & that in a circumstance that otherwise would have been labeled as sad, I was so happy. My mind then snap, click, saved it as a moment of impact.

So maybe the next time you've gathered with loved ones for something challenging you must go through, you can choose to focus for a few moments on your priceless company & time...

Side note: I am excited to share a special post next week on a personal experience that I know some of you have been anticipating. Trust me, I am unnerved that I will be writing about it but I feel compelled to share the story so someone else may benefit from it. 

Be Radiant,

~Dr. Dimpi