Why I Invite Challenges in my Life

I mentioned earlier this week that I was working on a very special blog post. I am looking to publish that post early-mid April (just in case anyone was wondering!).

Today I am focusing on a personal choice. I choose to welcome challenges in my life and I am going to explain why I feel this choice is important for mental health.

(1) Challenges build resilience

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or the ability to adapt to adversity. So, how can I instill this very important quality without practice? The truth is I can't. Hence, challenges are the practice grounds for building resilience!

                                                                    Do you invite challenges?

                                                                    Do you invite challenges?

(2) Challenges keep the mind active & focused

I was always taught growing up that an idle mind is like a devil's workshop. The point being if I ruminate about the same small adversities again and again then they become seemingly larger.

However, if I approach the same challenges with a focus of overcoming them, then I find that my mind stays active in coming up with solutions. An active mind helps me remain focused and busy - not leaving any time for idle negativity!

(3) Challenges create opportunities for self-development

Challenges require us to think outside our 'comfortable box.' Things that are easy to do usually are easy because we know how to approach them. Challenges are difficult because when we are initially faced with them, we don't know how to overcome them. Challenges, thus, create opportunities for me to learn how to think & approach something from a new angle - requiring me to think outside my 'comfortable box.' This inevitably leads to personal development & growth.

So maybe you will meet your next challenge with earnest eyes - with a desire to grow, with a desire to keep your mind active, with a desire to instill resilience...

Be Radiant,

~Dr. Dimpi