What to Expect at Troy Naturopathic!

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Natural. Powerful. medicine.

Troy Naturopathic is Troy, Michigan’s premier naturopathic clinic and the office of Dr. Dimpi Patel, ND. Dr. Dimpi is dedicated to providing individualized naturopathic care that focuses on the root of your health concerns; She is interested in knowing how your health came to be as it is now. Dr. Dimpi strives to help you achieve your wellness goals primarily through diet & lifestyle coaching because she believes that they are the powerhouses of naturopathic medicine and the cornerstones of radiant health. Dr. Dimpi utilizes other naturopathic therapies to supplement your individualized recommendations.


Be Radiant.

Dr. Dimpi wants to help you & your health be radiant like the sun - (brilliant, energetic, thriving) - It is Troy Naturopathic's core mindset for changing how you feel, think & live. 



Dr. Dimpi can offer support for an array of health concerns/conditions with a focus on women's health, weight management and mental health. Remember you don’t have to be sick to see a naturopathic doctor; we are trained in prevention & to help you optimize your health. For frequently asked questions click here or for information on becoming a new patient click here


Be Radiant Reboot.

Dr. Dimpi has learned over the years that health changes require the right environment to thrive. Dr. Dimpi's Be Radiant Reboot is a three day mind/body detox & education program designed to create better conditions for optimum health. It is Dr. Dimpi's only program that can be completed from comfort of your home. The last 3-day detox ran Sept. 15th-17th, 2017. Want to be the first to know when enrollment for the next group or similar programs/classes open? Sign-up below to be one of the first to know!