Why you should invest in your health (Part 2)

In the first segment of this blog post series Why you should invest in your health (Part 1) I discussed the how investing in Naturopathic Medicine is not a large financial investment at all. More importantly, the small investment actually saves a TON of money down the line. One of my colleagues who kindly shared my blog post pointed out an important point I thought I'd share: *Investing in Naturopathic Medicine doesn't mean I recommend NOT investing in yearly health insurance. The graph & blog post simply serve as a point of crude reference to visually disapprove the notion that Naturopathic Medicine is expensive.

In this blog post I am going to discuss some of the other reasons (other than financial benefits) re: why you should invest in your health. So you may ask, what are those other reasons?

(1) Healthy aging:

                  Invest in your health now with individualized naturopathic care at Troy Naturopathic!

                  Invest in your health now with individualized naturopathic care at Troy Naturopathic!

Did you know that if you take care of your health now, you are automatically taking steps towards improving your health in the future? The analogy of a savings account can be used to illustrate this point. When you put money into a savings account, the money accrues interest. You will find that the longer the money remains in your account, the greater the return. Similarly, investing in your health at younger age will benefit you much more than someone who invests later in their life.

(2) Positive peer pressure:

If you invest in your health it actually motivates others around you to take care of their health especially when they are seeing you benefit from doing so. Everyone has the desire to move towards being happier & healthier. Therefore, investing in your health will inadvertently inspire others to do the same.

(3) Self-confidence

Have you noticed the days you take the time to dress well and indulge in self-care that you feel like a completely different person? Such days, you have more confidence to approach people, you are more efficient & overall just happier. Well, when your health is optimal inside & out, it is like dressing well everyday. Thus, taking care of your health can contribute to greater self-confidence!

So, ask you again - why don't you invest in your health?

Be Radiant,

~Dr. Dimpi